​​Senior Researchers

Dr. Wenhan Niu
Graduated from South China University of Technology 

Guanzhi Wang, Ph.D. student

Yang Research Group

Advanced Materials & Renewable Energy at University of Central Florida


Graduated Students

​Steven Navarro, Master, University of Central Florida


Dr. Limin Guo, Tsinghua University, China

Dr. Yong Yan, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Visiting Scholars and Students

Dr. Ligang Gai, Qilu University of Technology, China

Rodrigo Pretel, Federal University of ABC, Brazil

Dr. Noshin Mir, University of Zabol, Iran

Graduate & Undergraduate Students

Kyle Marcus, Ph.D. student

Zhao Li, Ph.D. student

Dr. Yang Yang
Assistant Professor
NanoScience Technology Center 
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 
E-mail: Yang.Yang@ucf.edu

Dr. Li Shi
Graduated from Hokkaido University (Japan) and National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS, Japan)

Dr. Kun Liang
Graduated from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 


​​Principal Investigator

Visiting Scholars and Students

We are constantly looking for visiting scholars and visiting students!