Renewable Energy Harvesting, Conversion and Storage
A general solution to the energy and environmental crisis is to develop sustainable energy systems that can produce and store energy inexpensively and efficiently. It is feasible to improve the energy conversion and storage performance through tailoring the density of active sites within a defined nanostructure having a high surface area. To this end, we take advantage of our extensive expertise to develop various porous films with high surface area by electrochemical approaches (anodization and electrodeposition). And use those porous materials for clean energy/fuel generation and renewable energy storage devices or their hybrids.

Flexible, Smart Electronics and Photonics
We are working on flexible and wearable thin film electrodes for electronic and photonic devices. We develop self-standing, flexible and robust inorganic films without supporting carbonaceous materials for flexible Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors. We are also interested in using porous thin-films for resistive memory and electrochromic smart window.

Other Research Projects
We are also interested in using advanced materials and smart nanostructures for other applications, for example, ferroelectrics, electron field emission, sensor and photoluminescence. We are working to understand the nanoscale size effect on electric and optic properties of self-organized porous films.

Yang Research Group

Advanced Materials & Renewable Energy at University of Central Florida


The Yang group's research interests include transformative nanomanufacturing of nanostructured films and their applications in renewable energy conversion and storage devices, environmental science and flexibleelectronics. Our research focuses on design and synthesis of highly ordered porous films with precisely controlled chemical composition and morphology; fundamental investigation of new electrochemical, electronic and optical properties; and exploration of novel cutting-edge technologies arising in these advanced materials.

Nanostructured Films

​We develop nanofabrication techniques of novel nanostructured films with controllable microstructures and tunable chemical compositions using electrochemical routes. 2-D materials, such as MoS2, WS2 and graphene, perovskite and heterogeneous nanostructures are also investigated in our group.